The Zen Eikoku Tomiki Aikido Renmei was formed in April 2005 by Shaun Hoddy and Greg Barton to promote the style of Tomiki Aikido, be non-political and friendly whilst maintaining high technical standards.

ZETAR is a member of the British Aikido Board as an independent organisation affiliated to the Aikido Development Society. ZETAR includes clubs in both the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

The Association holds regular dan gradings, courses and social functions.

Aims & Objectives ZETAR

Zen Eikoku Tomiki Aikido Renmei aims to provide some of the best Kata coaching available, our aim is to bring the koryu no kata back to a standard format rather than the make them up as you go along that is taking place in some associations.


Shaun Hoddy (6th Dan 六段 ZETAR,Aikido Development Society/BAB, 5th Dan European Aikido Association JAA, 1st Dan Tai-Ho-Jutsu) and Greg Barton (5th Dan) were both founder members and have been practising and teaching Tomiki Aikido since 1975.

Shaun Hoddy has been a student of Dr Lee Ah Loi Shihan 7th Dan Tomiki Aikido JAA, 7th Dan Iai-do ZNKR, 7th Dan Jodo ZNKR and Ken Broome Shihan 6th Dan since 1980 and has competed both nationally and internationally in both Kata & Randori. He is one of the few Tomiki Aikidoka in the U.K who have taken a technical examination to the level of 5th Dan (Go-Dan).

Dr Lee Ah Loi is the world’s highest ranking female Tomiki Aikidoka and spent time in Japan studying under the instruction of Kenji Tomiki 9th Dan and Hideo Ohba 9th Dan, the founders of the Tomiki/ Shodokan system of Aikido. Dr Lee Ah Loi is a Shihan of the JAA Shidokan division and recognised as a world-renowned authority on Koryu Kata.


(a) To promote and maintain the ethical and technical standards of the practise of Aiki related arts and to disseminate knowledge and information relating thereto.

(b) To promote, assist, approve or co-operate with bodies or any other authorities, institutions or establishments, which may conform to, or propose to conform to the standards of the Association.

(c) To organise and establish a coaching and promotion structure and maintain a register of dan grades, coaches, examiners and other such officials who have reached and approved standard as may from time to time be required.

(d) To require for the protection and benefit of the public and Aiki practitioners, a recognised standard of ethical behaviour and conduct of the persons for the time-being admitted to the Association.

Bye Laws

Nil grade to Shodan (1st Dan) should take a period of No less than three years. (regular practice of twice a week)

Shodan (1st Dan) to Nidan (2nd Dan) Two years, Nidan (2nd Dan) to Sandan (3rd Dan) Three years, Sandan (3rd Dan) to Yondan (4th Dan) Four years, Yondan (4th Dan) to Godan (5th Dan) Five years, and so on. (These are minimum times)
Following this guide allows for student to be time served and maintains a credible standard.


The coach awards are BAB, SCUK, City & Guild or CIEH professional trainers certificate.

Zen Eikoku Aikido Renmei registered instructors are encouraged to work towards the City & Guild coaching qualification. To assist you in achieving this aim, we have access to first aid, health & safety and child protection courses.

We, at Zen Eikoku Aikido Renmei, know we are not the biggest, but Zen Eikoku Aikido Renmei can offer low cost, high quality service that enables Clubs and Associations to generate funds for themselves.